The FUTURE Looks... Well... Honestly?

I have this thing for Future. It's 'cause he's hilarious, and I always crush on the funny ones.  His lyrics are often about how he's made it Big Time$ and he's not exaggerating about it, and he definitely "deserves it." Well, at least, his little cousin called him up on the phone to tell him that. That's cool, ya started at the bottom just like Drakey, and look at you now, that's all you can talk about. No but seriously, I do really love his beats. And he has this new video out about how he's really just being honest that he now lives in Versailles, apparently. With only twenty girlfriends and a white piano! So down to earth. I'm not convinced we're really seeing the future here, it seems like the same tropes from every other rap video ever. He may not be making strides in the originality dept., but at least he's being straight up about that.


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