The Battling Azalea/Azealias Have A DI$COUNT $UPER$TORE Showdown!!!

Rappers have a long history of battling on and off the mic, but these two girl rap stars, with unfortunately similar names, have famously slandered each other on twitter and everywhere else they could think of.  SO: why'd they wear basically the SAME TOP (by aussie bad-girl brand DI$COUNT $UPER$TORE) in their respective music videos?!?  Iggy Azalea's 'Change Your Life' vs Azelia Banks' 'ATM Jam'. Maybe it's a sartorial way of reconciling... just kidding. I like to think the stylists were in cahoots, playing a little fashion joke on these rappers who seem to sometimes take themselves a LITTLE seriously. Oh, what's that? That's what being a rapper's about, being all pomp and circumstance? Guess I missed the point, AGAIN!

But anyway, have a drool over the DI$COUNT $UPER$TORE! I know I need to wipe up my keyboard...ew.

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