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Top Shop Bikini

Personally, I've loved the photo-real digital printing that's exploded all over the place in the past few years. One of the best things about it is being able to wear your favorite junk food. Why? Maybe I'll feel less likely to be tempted by a plate of fries if I've been wearing them on my crotch all day (then again...maybe not). But fret not, many of the prints appear on sportswear, so you can balance out the indulgence.  On a deliciously political level, these prints tap into some irony about the fashionable body and its relationship to food (nottttt exactly a happy one)...but somehow, it's harder to feel down about body image when you're wearing a huge sprinkle donut, because it's silly and fun, and that's the bottom line.  Let's look at a roundup of delectable prints and hope we get some in the PIT shop soon!

Nike Air Max 90 interpreted by Ole Hemmendorff


Cupcake Sweatshirt from Beloved

Donut Sweatshirt by Ashish


Pepperoni Pizza Shirtby (yes, really)


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