To Twerk, Perchance to Tweet: The Miley Roundup


PIT takes a break from the fashion-related trending to bring you some news of cultural import. The internetz are ablaze with ways to make fun of our twerk-challenged overgrown tweenager, Miley C.   Want your eyes to stop rolling from her VMA public masturbatory session? Have a chuckle at some creative net-artistry of the Miley-bashing variety:


Miley Cyrus Twerking on Some Famous Art

Bullett Magazine Discusses Important Tweets of the Is-Miley-Racist Debate (I can’t believe I just said “Important Tweets” ugh)

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Don’t get me started on the bored-Rihanna-face, that shit’s everywhere too.  I’m relying on you to have the right friends to bring that shit to your newsfeed, don’t make me post lame over-milled content.  Let’s now all let out a deep sigh, give thanks that we have better taste than these beezies, and get on with our lives!

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