At some point, the only time we saw the chain print was on scarves hidden in our mother's drawers or on thrifted items.

Then, between 2011-2012, Givenchy busted out the printed chain satin tee and it soon became the prominent print on everything we owned. From high end to low end, it seemed as if the chain print became the most coveted thing known to fashion.

Now here at PINK IN TŌKYŌ, we feature our own rendition of the chain print; which brings us back to the era of the 80’s while still holding true to today’s era.

Our Chain ‘Em mini dress is made to exude the slightest curves, as it can be paired with either your favorite denim jacket or simply alone.

From a night out with the gals, or a low-key night with your love, the Chain ‘Em dress will make a statement either way!



Written by: D’ana Nunez



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