Have we got something rude for you: our new lookbook 'FANCY LADY', starring OG stunna Zoë, shot by Danny Lane and styled by yours truly and PIT founder, Natalee Camm.   Zoë sat down with us over the book of faces and answered all of our nosy questions...

PIT: What's your favorite piece from the new pit collection?
Zoë: My favorite piece from the PIT collection would definitely have to be the "FUCK OFF" shirt! It's completely blunt and unexpected which reminds me of myself.

PIT: What was your favorite part of the PIT shoot?
Zoë: My favorite part of the PIT shoot was being able to be myself. I didn't feel like I was in a high fashion, very scripted type of photo shoot. I could be myself in very cool & cute clothes that resembles my style.

PIT: Who are some rude gals you admire?
Zoë: There are two rude gals that I admire deeply and they are Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. Their style is very edgy, versatile, bold & chic all wrapped in one.

PIT: how old are you and where do you see yourself going? Continuing with fashion or...?
Zoë: I'm 17! I'll be 18 in January and in the future I see myself being a broadcaster, film director and a creative director for a fashion brand. I feel that I can have compelling visuals that execute great ideas and grasp anyone's attention.

PIT: What was your fave song of 2k14?
Zoë: My favorite song for 2k14 was definitely "No Police" by Doja Cat.

Thx gurl... happy 2k15 to you!




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