Sippin' On...Tea?

Have tea and gardens ever seemed so ominous? Here's what SPIN has to say about this bad-trip music video:

Bay Area rapper and SPIN favorite ISSUE — the tea-sipping, teetotaling, slow-rapping, absurdist hook machine (and E-40's son to boot) — throws a tea party in his latest video. 
Posted up in a fancy garden, the MC sips beverage with some lovely ladies and raps about his favorite brew without ever removing his mysterious mask: "I be sippin' tea / Tea is so good to me / Tea is so good, tea is so good / It doesn't matter any more."
Here's what I have to say about this video: the bitches ain't basic and I like this mask, as much as I want to run screaming from it.  Two thumbs swirling around and stabbing you in the eye--er, up.

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