Tavi, Turnt Up

Sorry for the clickbait title. Tavi's not drinking lean or getting tattoos with Justin Beiber, but I had to lure you in. I'm sure you understand. Anyway. Tavi Gevenson, blogger wunderkind blogger turned cultural, um, icon (?!) and general lady of the moment, is getting new press about her goings on, as seen here in the NYT.  It amazes me how she's made the transition from teeny pre-teen fashion blogger to this extremely respectable artist...and she's not even in college yet. She's still planning her gap year between high school and university. What.  On top of her talent and cultural savant skills, she's also grown into a stunning young woman.  Check out my favorite snaps of her below.

She's still got that style on lock. Can't wait for her broadway play, This Is Our Youth!

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