Web Ennui

"whatever virtue we drink online we squeeze from a bitter and ever-thickening rind of sorrow" is only just a taste of the poetic musings of Ian Bogost for the Atlantic last week. In an article posed to challenge the pro-internet arguments that Net Neutrality might save us from drowning in loles, he, well, drowns us in :((((((. It seems he holds an unpopular perspective if one peruses the comments on The Atlantic, but when are there ever positive comments on articles? Let us revel in his chilling prose, if nothing else:

"Another day’s work lost to the vapors of reloads, updates, clicks, and comments. Realizing that you are hyperemployed by the cloud, that you are its unpaid intern. Wondering what you’d have accomplished if you had done anything else whatsoever. Knowing that tomorrow will be no different.

The weight and heat of your smartphone in your pocket, silently whimpering for you, a glass and metal kitten with a small, fragile body."

Ooooh, zing!


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