Solange = So Loungewave

Lord knows I love me some underdog fisticuffs Knowles.  However, I have a small bone (tibia? pisiform?) to pick with Solange (I'm willing to take the risk, dodge that right hook).  So the new Chromeo album dropped, and with it this disco loungewave (I'm coining this term now) single:

Great song, to be sure. Classic. Catchy.  However, I kept thinking it sounded familiar... so I looked up some other Solange hits (ahem), and this revealed itself:

I'm sorry, but that chorus is just way too damn similar. Disco chord progressions, you could argue, don't vary all that much, but....COME ON! Anyway who cares, I like them both.  But really, Solange. Did you not notice?

Anyway, summer jams, guys. They're the best. And I'll leave you to John Travolta your nights away.

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