Celebs... They're Just Like Works of Art

There's dressing up, and then there's Dressing Up.  Sometimes, it's just cool to see the limits of how glamorous a human can be.  These people may have literally teams of people, entire industries, making them look this way, which is undeniably absurd-- however, the results can be seen as works of art.  Particularly when photographed by Vogue.  If you follow this blog, you'll be well aware I generally steer away from the lamestream, but I had to make an exception here and include some of the gloriousness that is people looking sparkly as hell.  Or maybe heaven.  They look like they're enjoying themselves, and I hope they truly are.  So, putting aside all our gripes about privilege, inequality, and other crucial issues to examine, let us see these images for their purely divine aesthetic impact. Without further ado: my favorite photographs from the Met Gala 2014.


 That golden light. And the white. Posh Spice always seems to look kind of heartbroken...I love it.

Rita Ora stealing the scene...

Selfiefest! Duh.

In my imagination, it's always raining roses on Anne Hathaway...

Pure sex. A$AP and Zoe Kravitz, my new girl-crush.

Queen Bey continues to rule, of course.

Who other than Dita von Teese?

That 50's vibe!

Didn't expect those boots tbh.

Dresses of the train variety...

Ladies get down!

Those Olsens! They always know how to throw a stuffy old blanket on a cool party. And I love them for it.

Could kinda see Cara and RiRi dating, no?

Oh, Badu. You always a rude gal.

Only Rosie could pull off a dress that looks like a handbag.

Stella's apparently always in a Vogue editorial.  That must get exhausting.

Ageless beauty.

I'm loving the fresh colorblocking on Emma...

Janelle isn't so sure about all the prom dresses.

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