2D, SOOO Last Season.

A recent article in i-D magazine (brought to my attention by the phashion-phorward Robbie Lee) brought to my attention the proximity of fashion dreams coming true: printing your very own, custom-fit clothes right at home.  At my time at London College of Fashion, we had access to the 3D scanner that they make mention of in the article; pinpointing every square mm in your body, this machine of wonders can make a virtual you, on which you could design anything.  I'm now kicking myself for being lazy and not testing it out (come to think of it, I think I was just broke and we had to pay a bit, just like everything else on campus--not the most generous of institutions, but ANYWAY).  We've all seen in the last few seasons how popular "3D prints" have become, and in large part that's due to the advances in technology that require not a single stitch from a human being. 

Also noted in this piece is the prospect of 4D... after some thorough Google investigation, I've determined that 4D is best shown in gifs, where your mind can wrap around the many folds of the future, and possibly fall into a black hole where the illuminati will swallow you up.  So take that Malaysian flight into the future and imagine printing your own garb in this lifetime!


(yeah, I don't know what's up with all the ph-spelling but I must be sensing a come-back with my 4th eye)






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