Trending Poses: MID-MACARENA

VFILES now has the hashtag 'midmacarena', filtering all the fashion images of ladies on the verge of completing the embarrassing/extremely fun public dance. It takes a discerning eye to spot such a trend--which is really just the classic 80's model pose, but never mind. Calling it #midmacarena is so much more... then/NOW.

Are you too young to remember this dance happening at the baseball stadium/your living room/prom? Probably. But if you're on the older side of millennial, you'll get it, or you can google 'macarena' and then snort-laugh with faux nostalgia. #FauxNostalgia seems to be as much a trend as looking back in general.  Throwback to when you were four!

I've really got my snarkypants on today, haven't I?


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