$eriou$ thug$: Ur Not A Baller

My favorite youtube comment on this video was "fuckin rubicon" and "ayyrubicon. this is tight." SO much rubicon repping in this vid. (for those of us on other larger islands or continents, this is the English go-to soda/fake juice thing that every kid on the street is seen with after school.) Anyway, the fashion is great, let's talk about the fashion! There's that Burberry bikini, Nasir Mazhar, MEAT Clothing of course (Alis Pelleschi's brand with Bo Claridge), and more Nasir.  On the boys, I couldn't tell you the brands, but they looked hot.  Especially Will in the neon yellow car, cap, bandana and tracksuit. Major props to Alis and Will of $eriou$ thug$  for continuing to go ham on their white chav rap style.

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