There is Nothing Chic about Hypocrisy

In light of the recent usual runway monotony, let me lead you to an article by Jeremy Lewis for DiS magazine, Accounting for Race in Fashion Pt 1, which makes a strong argument for why fashion is only shooting itself in the foot for being racially exclusive.  "should you be an entity that stakes its reputation and business on being on the cutting edge, for being modern, for being on trend, for being forward, for being contemporary, for being fashion, to lack a diverse casting with no black models or “models of color” immediately marks you not as racist but as behind the times, out of fashion, démodé."  He makes an excellent point. For a brand identity to claim being edgy and yet conforming to outdated racial cues by casting mostly white models is nullifying any cache of cool.  "This is what is to be understood and this impetus, if any, should motivate designers and brands to pay more attention to the images and identities they wield."  Would this be a non-issue if there were simply more black designers? This issue seems to me akin to the problem of size-- that designers feel the pressure to conform to size zero white casting to be accepted into the cannon of high fashion.  How can designers rebel and be genuinely relevant; that is, truly ahead of their time?

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