Phew, It's Over

As a last hurrah for fashion month, feast your eyes on the other-worldly creations of Iris Van Herpen from Paris FW:

Forget bubble butt. It's all about bubble halos for 2k15!

So you're all like, ooh feathers, pretty...

JUST KIDDING! It's freaky little latex hand-like floppy things. Gross or wow?

Two of the more wearable looks... still pretty interesting.

And now we can let out a sigh and return to normal life! What's that? You never gave a shit anyway? Oh.


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  • Junko

    Stacey, these are fabulous iamegs. Thank you! I have long admired the work of Materialise, which I first became aware of visiting the one and only Murray Moss and his amazing curatorial retail space in New York. Other worldly. Remarkable.

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