CHANEL Plays Grocery Store

Do you remember playing "grocery" with your little friends in preschool? Like those little plastic fruits and maybe some fake money was involved. Well, Chanel went for the full-on high fashion version to create some buzz.  Karl knows that the clothes don't sell themselves, now do they? 

What do you think? Are you feeling the power 80's vibe? Is it stupid as fuck? Is it mildly stupid but you like some of the pieces all the same because they're shiny? Is it all okay because it's CHANEL? Aren't you proud that I didn't mention #normcore once in this post? (oops...sorry.)

Still on his trainer game, Karl went for the 90's bellychain. But oversized, 'cause he's an OG.

Really pleased about these leggings.

Detail, lots of attention to detail.

The worst print ever, a la motel bedspread?!!?

I don't know, guys...

Chanel pasta! Surreal.

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