Folkloric-Future at Manish

Breaking up the many sober looks thus far at Paris Fashion Week, we get this explosive collection from Manish Arora. Note that I no longer link to unless I absolutely have to; after a friend commented that I kept sending him to the "Upper East Side of the internet" to look at fashion, I felt immediately disgusted with my linking habits.  No more waiting for that 6 train, guys. You're practically in Bedstuy with Now Fashion, my new resource. Ok, fine, Prospect Heights. Anyway. Loving this anti-normcore statement with princess Leia lotus headpiece and coordinating maxi dress.

the makeup was literally candy, not even candy-inspired. So that's cool. Snacks on your face!

Mongolian outerspace vibes worked well here:

The kicks really add something, don't they?

Dutch folk meets printed sportswear, just for fun.


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