Storytime With D&G

One thing Milan does well is simple, undeniable BEAUTY. Dolce & Gabanna do it the best, in my humble opinion. The medieval story tale thing worked well for their excuse to bejewel everything:

I hope there's a way to wear chainmail like nbd in 2k15

Chastity belt reference here, on this little velvet bag?

Sigh. My favorite look

The usual blingfest at the end with a model mob in hot pants

Velvet and leather to look like medieval armour: modern comforts!


Well, there you go.  And now we can go back to sleep until Milan is over.... take us to Paris already!

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  • Stefano

    The Temple? Now I wonder wheethr it is alive in anyway . . . Hmmm . . . Great F56!Btw – left a comment in your ‘Fallen by Lauren Kate’ post. Hope it helps! :) too!

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