A Very Indulgent Collection, To Say The Least

So I'm a little embarrassed I thought Fay was out there with their Peanuts-influenced collection. Moschino really took it to the next level and then some, and I'm like, what? Woodstock on a sweater? PPFFFT. Moschino started out with a head-to-toe Macdonald's theme (yes, them arches are even on the footwear and eyewear), moved into a classic Moschino chain-y 90's streetwear interlude, then back to trashy American branding with Spongebob Squarepants knits, (also head to toe), sugary cereals-print gowns (and some cheetos in there too, I believe), and finally, a wedding gown on nutritional facts. Yes. It's always strikes me as supremely ironic when the stickliest models are donning references to junk food, but I'd like to think the designers are aware of such a trope and are even commenting on the absurdity of the extremes in our culture. Wishful thinking, probably.  Enjoy a very colorful and fun collection, though:

Cheeseburgers are so ladylike, y'know.

Get me those gloves, stat.


Honestly, I'm a little speechless.

Don't you wanna know how much these are?

Eat that, bitches!



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