NYFW Pick of the Day: Alexander Wang

I really couldn't reign myself in here.  There was so much at the Wang show last night!

There's something great about how he pulled this utilitarian dress off. The placement of all the pockets works really well, the length, the thick material; it all comes together and is magnificent in its simplicity.

I love this coat-- the sporty mountain detail at the bottom really catches my eye and it's very wearable.

After the first series on the runway, shit got cray.  Wang's heat technology fabric was on full display as the models stood stock still and let the surrounding heaters morph their clothing into brilliant colors.  HOT DAMN!


So much for one pick, but hey. A show like this, you really can't compromise.  You've done it again, Alexander Wang.  Dragging us into the future with your brilliant ideas. Watch the full show here.

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