Age of Aquarius

Are you born under the sign of the water bearer like me?!??!? (PS, it's my birthday!!!)


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Us Aquarians know: you can't touch our weird, individual brand of uniqueness nor our creative powers.  Supposedly, we're the types to be into THE FUTURE, whether that be in style (hello, I love everything that says next level babetron from 2140) or other avenues of interest.  If you really want to know how to dive into the future confidently, check out the delightful Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. Here's this week's for a taste of his poetic astrological stylings:

Extravagant wigs became fashionable for a while in 18th-century England. They could soar as high as four feet above a woman's head. Collections of fruit might be arrayed in the mass of hair, along with small replicas of gardens, taxidermically stuffed birds, and model ships. I would love to see you wear something like that in the coming week. But if this seems too extreme, here's a second-best option: Make your face and head and hair as sexy as possible. Use your alluring gaze and confident bearing to attract more of the attention and resources you need. You have a poetic license to be shinier and more charismatic than usual.

Yes. You're welcome, Aquarius. Brezny always finds some extremely obscure piece of history to give you a helpful allegory for your starry-eyed self. Even if you're some other sign that isn't quite as cool (sorry), it's worth finding out if you might need a wig or another accessory to get through your week...MAYBE it's hanging out in the PIT shop! It probably is. 


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