YOU GUYS: It's All About Beaded Headdresses for 2k14

I can see this beaded headdress thing goin HAM in 2014, thanks to the latest couture season versions and Beyonce's OG moment in her vavavoomiest video to date.  Not only is the beaded headdress extremely flattering and feminine, it's not yet easily accessible, thus giving it potential as a coveted look.  Unfortunately, by the time I press "post", H&Ms everywhere will be hard at work designing the cheapie ones.  But never you mind, there's still a lot of time for looks of awe.  I got the one featured on my head below at a costume store (Old Gold in Burlington, VT).  I've been keeping an eye out for sparkly loose-knit scarves that could be re-purposed as well. 

Versace Couture

Armani Couture

Beyonce jus' bein ON HER GAME jus' picking up where Bey left off, NBD.


 Want to see the real deal inspiration?

Greta Garbo as Mata Hari (1931) -- Greta's playing a WWI spy disguised as a dancer of the time.

Cleopatra (1964) -- hollywood's love affair with egyptian-ness has something to do with luxury, it would seem...

The Great Gatsby (2013) -- puttin' on tha glitz for one of the most decadent films of late.

I'm looking forward to covering up many a bad hair day, that's all I have to say. Will you be wearing beaded headdresses to your next night on the town?

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