Our Blogger Alexa Interviews Herself And It's Obviously Amazing

These days, there's a lot of interviewing hot new artists and creatives and finding out about their projects, dreams, and quirks.  I'm usually pretty disappointed with their cliched answers and even worse, the usual round of boring ol' interview Qs. What else could I do? I turned to the rudest gal I know and asked myself some truly enlightening questions...


A: How do you look so AMAZING all the time?!?!??!?!? Jesus, stop making the rest of us look bad.

Alexa: That sucks babe, sorry you look busted. My trick is to never shower and cake on as much makeup as possible. The layers of debris seem to have morphed my face into Scarlett Johannson.  Try forgetting your beauty routine and let a happy accident come your way!


A: WHY are you not more famous? I thought you'd have more name recognition by now. As in, a household name. I haven't heard your name in many households lately besides your own.

Alexa: Jeez, get off my case! Look, I like to keep a low profile.  And besides, don't you think fame would kinda suck? Like, I really don't care to see my derp face on the cover of US Weekly.  Also, my love life is usually a mess, and that doesn't look so hot on magazine covers either. 


A: What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Alexa: I have a lot of really great weird shit I never wear because I currently live in a very cold place and it's just not practical. Also, I get a lot of weird looks for anything that isn't fleece or Carhartts or totally boring. That said, it's probably this iridescent racerback tank top I now only wear to yoga ('vest', as they say in England-- it's from TopShop).


A: What was your best/worst look?

Alexa: Sooooooo convenient, my best look also happens to be my worst look; depending on who you ask.  My brief-lived bleached eye-brow phase mid-seapunk hair moment was pretty epic, if you ask me. Naturally having dark wavy hair, going for the full-on Scandinavian look was really exciting. Looked super weird when the brows started growing in, though. It ended up being kind of speckly, like salt n' pepper brows, which wasn't as sexy as it sounds.


A: What's your favorite part about being a fashion blogger?

Alexa: This one's pretty obvious-- it's great to suddenly value all the time I spend tumblr-trolling the internet for cool shit. I like having a purpose for reading all the fashion publications/sites that I look at anyway, and giving my sassy two cents on whatever. It's totally living the dream: procrastination IS my job. (sort of. when I idealize it so other people think my life is really cool.)


A: What's your favorite expression?

Alexa: "Don't count your fuck-chickens before they hatch." My good friend Kendall and I came up with it after I was all dolled up for a night out with a new beau when the tentative plans fell through, and I was like, "damn I just bought these expensive condoms!" Kendall's all, "Don't count your fuck-chickens..." Ever since then, it's been a golden rule.  Better to just pretend you don't care that your legs are hairy and let fate play the cards.


A: Any closing remarks for our readers?

Alexa: Having a conversation with yourself is really therapeutic.  If 'journaling' is too woo-woo airy-fairy self-helpy for you, I recommend a) telling your cynical side to fuck off and write in a diary anyway, or b) you could interview yourself just like I did here.  You might discover some surprising things, that you are actually bi-curious or really want to get into flower arranging.  Anyway, it'll be good for you and you might find yourself wanting to thank me. If so, I have an Amazon wishlist (it's mainly sports bras and coffee table books, don't judge). Jus' sayin.


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    Exceptional article. Well written, interesting, sexy.

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