Yeah, so have you seen it yet? Two whole episodes, or as I like to say, cheating-by-splitting-one-episode-in-two-parts. ANYWAY, you probably already love or hate HBO's GIRLS. By now, if you fall into this camp, you already rolled your eyes so many times at the headline of this post you may need glasses now.  However, if you interpret GIRLS to be satire or find it annoyingly entertaining (guilty as charged), you've probably already seen the free two eps of Season 3. I personally found it a bit tiresome; not a whole lot of great script so far, or classic-Lena-level absurd situations. It seems like hate/love for this show comes down to a particular preference: whether you can enjoy a show where the characters are unlikeable. For many reasons, you may find yourself coming up short with empathy for them, but this may not undermine your enjoyment of the writing and overall production of the thing. So, PIT readers, we invite you to comment: GIRLS FTW in Season 3?

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