An Actually Worthwhile And Productive Fashion Conversation...

Thirteen smart and creative people in the fashion/music/media biz put in their two cents on racial issues and appropriation in fashion in an article at Bullett, and the result is not only helpful to understand the issue, it will hopefully lead people to further discussion, reflection, and possibly even more awareness when one is at Urban Outfitters, picking up some blinged-out accessory that's the flavor of the week.  There's no escaping the many layers of cultural communication with what we wear; we can at least arm ourselves with the knowledge of how, when, why this image got on our shirt.


Our favorite quote from the article:

“We people of color have all the flavor—always have. I watch as you water us down unbeknownst to our growth. Your stimulation was never necessary. A line between cultures once thick, now blurred, distorted, but never damaged. Black don’t crack, we got whipped enough to know that. Look at us, we are who the world wants to be.” -Junglepussy, Empowerer (check out her soundcloud!)

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