Brandgasm: MFP!

Jewelry and body art designer Maria Francesca Pepe holds the seat as our current inspiration and example of the ethos of Pink In Tokyo.  Her team (including a dear friend of mine, Giorgia Robatto) has created jewelry pieces that have opened up possibilities for how the human body can be decorated beyond the conventional ways we wear accessories.  Bold and trend-relevant, MFP's latest collection was inspired by a choice line from a Fiona Apple track, whose influences can be felt in the 90's vibe and dark, heartbreak-related imagery (Apple, we have the sense, has had her fair share of experience on the dark side of the moon).  Enjoy the pictures below and visit the MFP website for more!


Bonus: MFP was featured in Bey's latest masterpiece, specifically the "Flawless" video, as pictured below!



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