Karl Dallies in Dallas

As we've seen in the past, the Chanel Pre-show is an epic fashionpalooza, a force be reckoned with whether in Scottish castles or rodeo rings. Yesterday, we got the best of Kla$$y Karl in Dallas.  Above we have Ms. Wintour in Karl's Art Fart from last season, and Karl himself basking in the white glow of a pure prairie fantasy, which of course has all the freshness of a rotting turkey bone left over from Thanksgiving in the back of the fridge.

IDK.  Does it kind of smell like Galliano to you, too?!? I'm sorry, but Ralph Lauren owns cowboy cool and Galliano did the glam cow-person thing, so all we have left is to MOVE ON.  There are a few of the more subtle looks that I appreciated, but these jeans just are not working for me in any context other than my tween self in 1998 at JCPenney's.

On the whole I wasn't impressed; it wasn't quite tacky enough to go all the way to fashion irony, nor was it beautiful enough to rise above the overdone references. But that's just me... what'd you think?

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