Bare Your Soul on Your Sole... With Artist Sebastan Errazuriz

The genius behind many of the Melissa/designer footwear collaborations (Alexandre Herchcovitch, Vivienne Westwood, and Gareth Pugh to name a few), artist  in rubber molding extraordinaire, Sebastan Errazuriz, brings us this poigniant collection entitled “12 Shoes For 12 Lovers,” a shoe designed to reflect each of 12 memorable romantic encounters in his life.  Each shoe has an accompanying excerpt on the woman.   Each pair is a unique monument to the relationship and Errazuriz's impression of his past lover.  A moving, funny and fashionable experience to peruse!

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  • momajenk

    What a beautiful message to convey through design. For me, shoes are an outward expression of inner emotions and sometimes you just need the hot red shoe or the sexy, strappy, studded, black leather stilettos ;)

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