Donald Glover Goes All James-Franco-Rennaisance-Man On Us

We're hoping you've already heard the amazingness that is Childish Gambino's new album (aka Donald Glover), Because The Internet.  Filled with devastatingly clever, unabashedly emo, trend-relevant lyrics, beats that dialogue with the A$AP cannon and occasionally flirt with trap, with all the vocal heavenly high notes of the Weeknd, this album is so much more than Glover's loved/hated Camp. (Also, you can stare dreamily into those baby-browns on his luscious album cover GIF!)  However, the album is only the tip of the creative iceberg for Donny here. As reports, he's got a 75-page screenplay for which this album is designated as soundtrack. What!??!?!?

A tidbit from his new song Life: The Biggest Troll

Every night I text her ''I wanna solve the world, I think I need your help''
She text me ''how you gon' trust somebody when you don't trust yourself?''
I mean she right though, 45 like a light-bulb
And I could've died like my iPhone, but I kept going like a psycho

And I took chance like a dice roll, dropping jewels like it's puberty


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