Welcome back, PIT readers! After a week's hiatus, I've got some juicy reads for you.  The logo craze and critique-through-fashion has finally come into the mainstream eye, and this we know because it's written up in a NYT article, "The Return of Logo Culture."  Embark on a sartorial exploration with the likes of well-knowns such as DKNY and Opening Ceremony, as well as fresh brandophiles Hood by Air, VFiles, and some randos you probably haven't heard of but are dope as hell.

Anyway, the logo discussion is important, because there's an interesting debate here about whether appropriation and satire of logos actually provides any form of subversion or resistance to the Big Industry, or whether the joke's on the artists at the end of the day, and it's all just more attention to logo culture and branding, feeding these giant companies as much as anything else. 

Why are logos so attractive, though?

'“People look for communities and families to belong to,” said Julie Anne Quay, the founder of VFiles. “They’re saying, ‘I identify with that.’'

Oh, it's cause we're social animals! Duh.


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